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Window Tints and Films

Are you tired of paying expensive electric bills? You know what the sun can do to your skin, imagine what it does to your furnishings!

Window film is the one home or building improvement that makes a noticeable difference both inside and out. The more windows you have the greater the benefits of installing window film. They add subtle appeal, provide money saving energy control and minimize costly sun fading.

Window film keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You will also notice reduced glare. Every uncovered window in your home is an open invitation for the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays to accelerate the fading process. Consider your investment in furniture, carpets, draperies, wallpaper, fabrics, plus artwork and you can see the importance of window film. Eliminate the need to pull blinds or drapes shut to protect the interior of your home.

Advantages of utilizing window film:

  • Reject heat up to 75% - saving costs.
  • Reduce UV Rays by 99% - reduces fading of furnishings and wood cracking.
  • Added safety and security - the glass will not shatter when broken.
  • Extra daytime privacy
  • Control annoying glare that makes you squint.
  • Your AC will not work as hard.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Your Home - Protection against cracking, peeling, bubbling, blistering, delaminating and discoloration.
  • Commercial - 10 year Warranty

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