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Shade Varieties

Real Window Solutions is your source for all window shading products. We offer Duette, Remembrance, Silhouette and Vignette window shading. No matter what type of window you choose to cover, Real Window Solutions offers you a solution. Unique and non-traditional shapes are no problem, we will form your shade to function beautifully on circles, arches, quarter circles, and windows with angled tops or tapered sides. Window shades block most of the sun's harmful rays and help protect your furnishings from fading, so your room will remain as beautiful as ever.

Honeycomb shades

can add color to your inside decor while remaining white on the outside increasing your home's curb appeal. Honeycomb shades also have a room darkening or blackout effect. Blackouts are perfect for media rooms or for individuals who prefer their rooms completely dark while sleeping. These shades are available in a variety of sizes from 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1¼" pleats.

There are a variety of controls for your honeycomb shade:

  • Standard - Bottom up
  • Top down - Bottom up - When you need privacy or to let light in at top.
  • Remote – For those high windows that are hard to reach.
  • Cordless - Great for children and pet safety.
  • Continuous Cord - Great for children and pet safety.

Roller shades

are available in a diverse range of fabrics including sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and opaque. They provide the amount of light control and privacy that you prefer with a wide choice of colors, hem styles and fabric trims which are perfect to compliment any decor. Custom designs, logos and graphics can be added to some roller shades.

Silhouette / Vienna / Shangri-La window shades

are soft and sheer with a drape-like consistency. They work like a blind, but are actually a shade. They enhance the beauty of any room with an infinite range of light intensities, as if touched by the sun. Imagine two sheer facings with woven vanes suspended between them. Completely open, they provide a subdued view of one's surroundings. Partially to completely closed, they create a warm glow of softly diffused light.

The distinctive pattern you select can add a touch of class to an existing look or become the basis for the entire style of your room. They are offered in 2" or 3" vane sizes that tilt to give you precision light control and protection against harmful UV rays. These fabrics are treated with a special soil and dust resistant finish making them anti-static and easy to clean.

These shades are also available in Vertical form. Luminates, Stardust and Vienna are ideal for your doorwall and outside mount windows.

are made of soft contoured folds of fabric and are unlike anything else you will find. They are created to provide you privacy where you need it and style wherever you choose to use it.

The fabrics are specially woven to hold their shape and style indefinitely. The variety of textures and feel of the fabrics create a most sophisticated look. Choose Rattan, Bamboo or Natural Wood weaven shades to add a tropical look to your decor.

Roman shades are available in several different options:

  • Roman Fold
  • Roller Shades
  • Top Down / Bottom Up
  • Motorized
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